Meet Mavy

Hey! I’m Mavy! I’ve been married to my awesome husband for ten years now, and we have three children. My world centers around Christ and my family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A few of the things you will always catch me with: books, sweet tea, Crazy Pants, boots and mason jars!

I’m a graduate of Louisiana Tech University – Go Dawgs! – and I LOVE my job! I worked in advertising with the university newspaper while I was there, and that is when I began to redirect what I was focusing on to my photography.  I’ve always had a camera in my hand, so the thought of doing this full-time was invigorating.

Since the start of my professional career, my adoration for catching life’s moments has become more rooted in my heart. There is just something about capturing that first kiss as husband and wife, or the first few moments when a beautiful newborn is welcomed into their family that speaks to your soul in such an indescribable way. I love getting to know each family I work with so they have the best experience possible.  My clients are such a blessing to me!

Between work, dance, hunting, fishing, basketball, school and chores, our life stays busy. Because of this, we reserve every Sunday for worship and family. We are so thankful that people understand this!

*Photo credits to Danielle Thompson (Family Portrait) and Chelsea Foreman (Mavy working).

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